Fiber application

February 26,2021
TPU can be designed according to different needs, hardness ranges from 60A to 70D and processing temperature from 70℃ to 190℃, it possess good abrasion resistance, low temperature impact, high toughness, etc ., it has been widely used in various industries and suitable for composite materials. TPU has been produced for injection molding, casting, blowing, etc.

In these years Sun Yang has developed spinnability TPU for fiber, Goldthane F series is used in melt spinning, as green materials without solvent. It can provide stronger toughness, suitable and more supportive for textiles, we also can provide low-temperature plasticity and Non-yellowing in order to meet the requirements of customers. Simplified processing is a new choice for textile materials, TPU will have more advantages in reducing the recycling cost, also response to the environmental awareness.