Solvent-based TPU is an adhesive that needs to be used with solvent. It can be dissolved in MEK, Acetone and EAC solvents to produce PU glue. It can effectively reduce the costs of transportation and production, also has good solubility, good plasticity at low temperature and high crystallinity. We provide four different solvent-based TPU adhesive, general, non-yellowing, PCL and non-yellowing without organic TIN. Our products have wide range of viscosity and unique physical properties. The features of solvent-based TPU products are good solubility, heat resistance and non-yellowing properties, with wide range of viscosity, processing temperature and long POT LIFE. Our products can be applied on shoe materials, textile lamination, fire hose, furniture (MDF board) lamination, and has excellent bonding strength to TPU, PVC, Polyester, nylon cloth and leather.