High rebound elasticity

Hot melt adhesives (HMA) is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, it can be coated or laminated on substrate, after being cooled to solidify the bonding strength will increase immediately. As a green materials, there is no solvent in hot melt lamination process, TPU HMA provides safe and clean working environment, and can be recycled.

We provide three series of HMA, general, low melting-temperature and high elastic grade, with reliable MI, good fluidity and excellent adhesion on TPU, PVC, Nylon, textiles, etc. The softening temperature of HMA products ranges from 50°C to 105°C, the flow-beginning temperature is from 70°C to 145°C, and the hardness is from 60A to 95A.

Besides the excellent adhesion, our product possess high tensile strength, tear strength, low temperature impact, low tensile set, high elasticity recovery and also with wide range of processing temperature and hardness. Our products can be applied on hot melt adhesive film, shoe material application, textile lamination, non-sewing processing, seam sealing tape, water pipe, automobile industry, furniture industry and consumable electronics items… etc.