Innovation in Apparel Adhesion

January 02,2024
Goldthane Latest Product – Innovation in Apparel Adhesion
  • High Recovery TPU with sustainable
  • Seam tape Application
  • 3D Printing TPU material:

1. High Recovery TPU with sustainable
Bio-based elements have been infused into the product, incorporating sustainable components while ensuring superior elasticity and comfort. This unique combination makes Goldthane products becomes in the realm of clothing adhesion in the latest fashion trends.


2. Seam Tape Application
The seam tape characteristic of exceptional water proof, maintaining stability in high humid environments. Not only broadens the scope of applications but also ensures the product's reliability across diverse environmental conditions.

3. "Experience the Future with TPU Material in 3D Printing"
Unleash exclusive versatility and durability with our TPU materials for 3D printing. Elevate your creations with superior elasticity and recovery whether crafting intricate prototypes or robust functional parts. Embrace innovation and precision with TPU, redefining possibilities in region of additive manufacturing.