Sun Yang Global reduce the carbon emission of TPU product

March 14,2022
The worldwide climate change pose seriously threats to all of us. Furthermore, abnormal extreme climates such as droughts, floods, ice storms, etc., have been harmed the human lives and the economy around the world.

Therefore, each country and International Brands set up a plan about carbon reduction and net zero emissions. In the future, the strong demands for low-carbon supply chain would be a significant object for enterprises.

From 2018 to 2021, Sun Yang Global works on continuing process improvement of Goldthane TPU products which has deducted around 4.4% of average carbon emission compared with 2018 to 2021.

In 2022,it is estimated that the average carbon emission would reduce around 9.2% from 2018.

In order to reduce risk of climate change and environmental impaction from plastic industry, Sun Yang Global would take ongoing action for carbon emission reduction including process improvement, environmental greening, and development of low-carbon footprint Bio-based TPU. In 2024, Sun Yang sets a goal to decrease 30% carbon emission.

Goldthane Bio-based TPU ECO-series could reduce around 30% carbon emission compared to petroleum base TPU, it can take place of petroleum base TPU with good mechanical properties and low operating temperature. Goldthane ECO-series TPU are not only environmental friendly but with good quality and easy to process. Also, Goldthane Bio-based TPU ECO-series could provide solutions for sustainable supply chains.