Accelerate Petrochemical Elimination, Green Economy is in immediate demand

December 10,2021

Accelerate Petrochemical Elimination, Green Economy is in immediate demand

2021 is insecure, everyone is facing calamity from the nature and challenge while against COVID-19. Taiwan encountered the most serious aridity; the North America impacted on heat wave. Both China and Europe encountered serious flooding. The natural disaster would be caused unpredictable loss of property and life. In the future, it could be much more challenged caused by the climate change.  

Masses of Greenhouse Gas from Industrial Revolution is the reason to cause Climate Crisis. Without taking any action, the global warming keeps coming up then the Earth could not be suitable for human living in 2100.

Before 2050, the crucial point for reducing temperature is dropping Carbon Emission before 2005. In 2015 Paris Agreement approved by Third COP21, countries which participated accept the global temperature should be limited increase under 2°C. ( Further to under 1.5°C), as the same time to limit and reduce Carbon Emission.
In order to meet the target from the Paris Agreement, there are many countries/state/city/enterprise bring up Net Zero Emission which indicated reducing or ceasing Carbon Emission.

The latest COP26 (The Twenty-Sixth session) was hold in Glasgow United Kingdom. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC) latest report in 2021, it is the hottest in the past ten years. The CO2 increased more than 50% in the air. The World Economy Forum and John Kerry assemble First Mover Coalition, there are more than 30 enterprise group participate in. First Mover Coalition commit to drive the need for low carbon technologies and bring up to the new markets, by implementing net zero transition of industries which carbon emission comprises one-third of worldwide, including aluminum, aviation, chemical, cement, shipping, steel and trucking, and focusing on innovation for direct air capture. It is requirement to commit to purchase low carbon product by 2030 for those participated enterprise group. 
The Global warming is caused by Greenhouse Gas such as CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and so on. However, CO2 could exist in the air for longer time. Hence, CO2 emission is considered to be primary improvement. To prevent from Global warming by Greenhouse Gas, more and more countries enter for Carbon reduction. Hundreds of country declares to complete Net Zero in 2050.


What is Carbon Emission

Total emission volume of Greenhouse Gas produced directly or indirectly in any action.
What is Carbon Neutral ?
CO2 produced by country /enterprise /organization in directly or indirectly could be eliminated by planting tree to meet Carbon Neutral or Net Zero.
What is Net Zero
Greenhouse Gas Emission equals to zero.

Global Net Zero Goldthane went all out for sustainable development.

Goldthane leads green design and manufacture from the source for reduced carbon product. Goldthane Bio-based TPU ECO series would replace common petrochemical raw materials with plants. Bio-material is made from fermentation vegetation. Moreover, the plants is recyclable natural resource which would carry out photosynthesis in growth process and absorb CO2 from the air to reduce Carbon Emission to meet Carbon Neutral which would become a friendly environment and a sustainability Carbon print green economic chain.
Goldthane Bio-based TPU Product ECO Series
We focus on TPU development, featuring special properties
as excellent elasticity, nylon bonded, non-yellowing, UV resistance, flexibility, with a
variety of hardness requirements. With unharmed-based temperature, we use low temperature to combine.
Golathane Bio-based content are approved by ASTM D6866 which indicates that more than 31 % bio-based content. It would decrease around 30% Carbon Emission.
Product Name Bio-based Content
(Shore A)
Flow Beginning Temperature
Laminating Temperature
Test method ASTM D6866 ASTM D2240 JIS K7210-1995
ECO170 31% 76A 95~105 120~140 Extrusion/  Hotmelt Adhesive
ECO180V 34% 82A 120~130 140~160 Extrusion/  Hotmelt Adhesive
ECO190V 34% 85A 95~105 140~160 Extrusion/  Hotmelt Adhesive