3D Printed Flexible Materials - TPU

2016.11.22 BACK

The 3D materials need good flowability, stability, heat resistance, low melting point, high crystallization rate and no flash groove. 3D printer equips with tiny nozzles for delicate work, it turns digital data into vertical subject. When the precise nozzle releases TPU material from delicate hole, the TPU material stability and flowability capacity is the main core to 3D printer output quality. In case with wrong material, it will cause problem with material blank, wrong with printing shape, and affecting the final printing result.

TPU materials have excellent flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, bending and not easy to break and the advantages of plastic products, such as low processing temperature, low cost, wide range of applications. TPU has become perfect choice in 3D printed material.
In the beginning, 3D printing mainly used in develops the products according to the drawing and make the samples. The sample provide for design verification and modification of the reference. If directly make a product or mold samples in the development process, will spent high cost and long development time.
With the 3D printing technology has become more mature, and now widely be used in the product manufacturing, such as the footwear industry, bicycle parts, sporting goods, automotive industry, architectural models, industrial parts and special industrial applications. 3D printing effectively Improve product precision and quality and reducing production time.

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